The Essay Paper is the part of UPSC civil services mains exam. Two essays your will have to write each with a word count of 1000 – 1200.  Four options will be given for choosing a topic to write your essay. The Essay Paper is for a total of 250 marks . 

Read the topics thoroughly before attempting a topic. Some sensitive or controversial topic you may dare to choose because you may be having strong opinion about it but attempting those topics you may fail to write a balanced essay, so ultimately it will result in loosing the marks.

Once you’ve selected your topic, first take a dive deep on the thoughts and collect your thoughts. Write in pencil some important points you want to cover. Then make a sequence of those points on which order it should be noted

Once your rough part is over, you can start writing the essay. While writing, you must adhere to a good structure. The structure of a good essay may be :
  1)  Introduction
  2) Historical
  3) Main subject /events
  4) Current news related to the topic
  5) Positive and negative aspects or pros and cons of the same
  6) Grey areas /Obstacles
  7) Conclusion
  8) Reforms/way forward
    Relevant quotes/sayings by famous personalities may help to fetch extra marks. Relevant government schemes and policies. Facts and figures or numbers may be provided.

Important pointers to note while you write:
      Avoid naming a person who is culprit. Don't get personal in your essay.
      Avoid showing extreme views. 
      Don’t just present problems, try to suggest way out also.
      Don’t criticise the government/administration aggressively.
Even if the topic is provocative, your essay shouldn’t reflect the same. Present a balanced picture. You need not have to agree to the topic. Keep in mind you are a future officer.